People in the Curtains

People in the Curtains

written by M. T. Graves

Your path is laid, your bed's been made,
You've opened up the door.
Until I rest in peace, my dear,
You will rest no more.

image of the book, People In The Curtains A boy survives a terrible illness only to discover he is now "linked" to the world beyond. He is now persued by dark creatures from the other side. How can he escape them? How can he survive? A crime scene unfolds and the boy becomes deeply involved. This story is an exciting detective story with a twist of the macabre. A "must-read".

People in the Curtains is "...a thoroughly entertaining and original story that will quickly engage the reader's total and rapt attention as the mystery and the fantasy unroll..... a highly rewarding and recommended read for young adults." - Midwest Book Review

This fictional book was featured on the Midwest Book Review's Small Press "Books to Watch" list.

image of IBA Finalist Award

People In The Curtains was chosen one of four finalists in the 2010 International Book Awards Contest- "Young Adult Fiction" catagory.

People in the Curtains is rated PG-13. Because of the nature of the crime scene, this book is recommended for readers over twelve years of age.
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image of the book, Life Returned Book Two Life Returned continues with Aaron's story.
A new school is on the horizon and Aaron knows Jr. High will present a new level of teasing and bullying. He continues to see images in his surroundings, but in the past two years, he’s learned to ignore them.
Then Aaron meets Kasha, a beautiful sixteen year old. Immediately, he realizes she’s just another spirit, another enigma to be dealt with. She approaches Aaron with a proposition and reluctantly he agrees to help her. She’s intent on learning the identity of the man who killed her, intent on stopping him from killing again.
As the puzzle unravels, secrets are revealed and Kasha’s desires are met. But now her obsession is on something else… she wants her Life Returned.

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People In The Curtains has now been scripted into a three part episode series (or one feature length movie). Directors and producers should feel free to contact me for more information.

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